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Ferro Cement

Ferro Cement

Ferrocement is a construction material consists of wire meshes and cement mortar. It was developed by Pier Luigi Nervi, an Italian architect in 1940.

Constituent materials for Ferrocement:

  1. Cement
  2. Fine Aggregate
  3. Water
  4. Admixture
  5. Mortar Mix
  6. Reinforcing mesh
  7. Skeletal Steel                                                                                    
  8.  Coating.

Technical Properties:

  1. Highly flexible form of reinforced concrete.
  2. A thin layer of cement mortar is applied over wire meshes.
  3. Throughout the cross section small diameter wire meshes are used.
  4. Strength depends on two factors:          a. Quality of Sand and Cement mortar mix b. Quality of reinforcing material.



  1. Household Materials: Flower base, selves, pot, table-top, pipes, slab  
  2. Housing: residential building, modular housing,
  3. Marine: Boat, sampan, sandwich pools
  4. Agriculture: Water tank, big bowl   
  5. Rural Energy: Bio-gas plant, wind tunnel
  6. Complex Shape: any shape for artwork




  1. Basic raw materials are readily available in most countries.
  2. Fabricated into any preferred shape.
  3. Unskilled labor can do the job.
  4. Ease of Construction, low weight and long lifetime.
  5.  Construction material cost is low.


  1. Large no of labors required.
  2. Unskilled and semi-skilled labor cost is high.
  3. Tying rods and wire mesh together is time consuming and tedious.
  4. Keeping the layer of wire away from one to another for better structure is tedious. 
  5.  Ferrocement Structure could be punctured by collision with pointed objects.
  6. It is difficult to fasten to Ferrocement Structure with bolts, screws, welding and nail.
Corrosion of the reinforcing materials due to the incomplete coverage of metal by mortar.