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Hollow Block

Hollow Block

Hollow Blocks are ideal for strong reinforced walls. It could be used in Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings.
Technical Properties:



Block Size

390x190x150MM       (L X W X H)

Core Size


Crushing Strength

1450-1500 PSI

Weight Average

18 KG/PC

Unit Weight

230 GM/CC

Water Absorption

(3-5)% of Total Weight

Required Amount 1 sqm

150 PCS/100SFT




  1. Load bearing walls
  2. Improved masonry outlook and color
  3. Reduce thickness of Plaster
  4. Low Maintenance
  5. High durability
  6. Faster Construction
  7. Thermal insulator
  8. No salt peter or leaching
  9. Reduces Air Conducting
  10. Fire Resistance